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List of Lezing's Duke releases

First date released Release title Notes
June 20, 2010 Mod Extended Color Look-Up Table Pack Updated on 07/03/2010
February 19, 2009 Map The Last Pissed Time (Chapter I) Last updated 09/16/2009
March 1, 2008 Application LEBuild 1.0.x Last updated 12/25/2008;
previous versions were betas
February 21, 2007 Compilation The CROSSROADS Series First release was Russian localized Updated on 12/10/2009
June 4, 2004 Map Crossroads Last updated 10/29/2005
March 19, 2004 Map Onwater Last updated 04/05/2004
December 12, 2003 Map Beginning My first Duke map

Old maps

I had tried creating my own Duke levels very long ago; I remember myself using Build in 1990s and thereat I couldn't even make any doors or shading because I lacked any knowledge about level design. Many years later, I made my first playable map in late 2003, it was called BEGINNING. There were few new textures, some of them were designed for slanted shadows. Shortly after this I had got familiar with CON coding in order to equip my later maps with various useractors. ONWATER introduced a new enemy DRONE2 and a few other nice effects like boat engines and energy beams. Then there was the CROSSROADS with TONS of various programmed actors and a non-linear plot. I consider all these maps as practice ones, partly having good gameplay but somewhat rushed design. Afterwards, they and several other test maps were released in the CROSSROADS Series compilation.


I downloaded Mapster 0.40 only in 2004, when I was finishing the CROSSROADS. After releasing that map, I had some ideas for making a total conversion, but Build based editors didn't satisfy me anymore due to the lack of necessary features, e. g. batch processing or extra zooming (below the one-unit scale). I should invent a way to realize the full potential of Build mapping, so I decided to create another, more powerful map editor.

At that date Visual Basic 6 was the single programming language I was familiar with. I decided to make something like the original Build editor, "Lezing Entertainment Build", enhanced with a new GUI and various features I'll consider useful. Apparently, LEBuild became my last and most complex application written in VB6 before I got to Visual C++. The editor enables user to modify everything in Duke maps, having capabilities widely seen in general vector and 3D applications. Whereas Mapster32 was released and has been improving very much throughout I was developing LEBuild, my editor remains indispensable for me.

I had released LEBuild 1.0.3 in 2008 and thereafter discontinued its development, but I keep writing new scripts for it.

After LEBuild

I have a plan for a four-level "Last Pissed Time" series. All of its maps are supposed to share similar quest-styled gameplay, non-linear here and there and full of interesting puzzles. At present, the only completed map is the first chapter. I've been working on it when developing the final versions of LEBuild (1.0 to 1.0.3).

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