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This page presents a list of projects I'm doing for Duke presently.

List of Lezing's developing projects

Development status Project title Notes
Mid-stage Map The Last Pissed Time (Chapter II) A sequel to the first chapter
Groundwork Total conversion Qwnz0r Qwn3d (Lezing's New Generation Art) My first TC!

Last Pissed Time sequel

The Last Pissed Time series is being continued. I started making the Chapter II shortly after releasing the first one; it resumes the plot directly from the same place, but has an absolutely different layout. As well as the first LPT map, this one will have no additional tiles, sounds or scripts, because a goal of the whole series is the effective use of the available resources.

Qwnz0r Qwn3d

My first idea for making a total conversion was born in 2004, when I got EDuke for DOS. It was called SkyTown and was kind of mini-TC laid out on a single huge map. However, DOS EDuke was very buggy, so later I got to EDuke32. After a little progress, development of that TC was halted. Then I had to discontinue that project because I got a better TC idea.

The current TC project will contain an episode called Qwnz0r Qwn3d. Now I am working on "technical" constituents of this total conversion. Visit the page dedicated to the LNGA mod for details.

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