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This is what I started from, I was 13 years old when this map was completed. I began making it after reading some Build tutorials for beginners. This map took me about three weeks.

Map overview

The map is essentially plotless and its gameplay is a bit inconsistent. There are six keycards, but some of them can be bypassed. One must save steroids for making a big jump onto the tower.

Although I had nearly no mapping experience when I started the Beginning, it features non-standard effects and advanced lighting here and there.

The original version had a slightly modified USER.CON file, but the map is playable within The CROSSROADS Series compilation as well (it becomes a bit harder though).

"Beginning" screenshots


This map was made for Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d and should work under later versions as well. Plutonium Pak isn't required.


The Beginning was completed on December 12, 2003. Now it is a part of The CROSSROADS Series complilation.

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Mapping template data

====================================================================== Title : LE_Beginning Author : Maxim Chinyakin (Lezing) E-mail : slike1990[at] Web Page : Description : - Additional Credits to : none ====================================================================== * Play Information * Episode and Level # : User Map Single Player : Yes DukeMatch Level : No Difficulty Settings : Not implemented Plutonium Pak Required: No * Construction * New Graphics : Yes New Sounds : No New CON Files : USER.CON Base : none Editor(s) used : Build Atomic Edition Known Bugs : - ======================================================================