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My second map I created in early 2004 after BEGINNING. Shortly after Onwater 1.0 I issued Onwater 1.2 with some long walls split fixing a nasty visual glitch. Despite the limited size of the grid in Build editor, in which this map was made, its outer sector has some vertices dragged outside the grid resulting in a very vast ocean area.

Map overview

Duke arrives to an alien station floating in the Pacific Ocean. He has to disable the protective force field around the station and launch an energy beam towards it from the EDF ship.

ONWATER has somewhat decent gameplay, but it could look much better if I'd take my time and spruced the map up with different looking locations. There is a hallway with sixteen copy-pasted rooms and most of them show no difference, so opening each door and visiting each room may get too repetitious.

"Onwater" screenshots


This map is designed for Duke Nukem 3D Atomic.


Onwater 1.2 is a part of The CROSSROADS Series complilation.


This map introduces DRONE2, a new enemy, based on the original Sentry Drone repainted into blue. Instead of being a "kamikaze", it just floats toward Duke and attacks him with various weapons. It occurs in seven different colors ingame, and each color corresponds to a specific firearm:

BLUE Firelaser
WHITE Mental blast (Octabrain's weapon)
RED Chaingun
GREEN Shrinker (occurs only in DRONE2TT.MAP coming with The CROSSROADS series)
BROWN Shotgun (rapid but weak)
Inverse GREEN Super missile (this type is present only in DRONE2TT.MAP)

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Mapping template data

====================================================================== Title : ONWATER 1.2 Author : Maxim Chinyakin (Lezing) E-mail : slike1990[at] Web Page : Description : - Additional Credits to : none ====================================================================== * Play Information * Episode and Level # : User Map Single Player : Yes Cooperative Player : No DukeMatch Level : No Difficulty Settings : Not implemented Plutonium Pak Required: Yes * Construction * Base : New level from scratch Editor(s) used : Build Atomic Edition Known Bugs : - New Graphics, New Sounds, New .CON Files. ======================================================================