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This total conversion was planned to be a single huge level, with possible addons in future. However, I had discontinued this project when I began experimenting on palette manipulation and researching capabilities of EDuke32 CON scripts.


A square-shaped town is hanging on altitude of 6 km protected by an airtight force field. Various life support systems are working to keep the air pressure and composition constant, regenerate water etc. The town is powered by a nuclear power plant. Many years ago, since 1911 this town was a Russian military object, but at the present time became international. The TC is a kind of alternate reality; it acts in 2004, but humanity has obtained more advanced technologies there (it's like what if humans were able to build structures like SkyTown).

I was going to equip Duke with new weapons and inventory (done from scratch); also he could ride motorcycles and perform a wide variety of interactions with game entities.


The incomplete version of SkyTown is available here. The software mode is recommended because of lots of voxel objects. No gameplay was developed; just some monsters are thrown onto the streets (pick the easiest skill level to turn them off). Only two weapons are working (apart from the laser pointer which has no use) - the assault rifle and the plasma shotgun, but there are no HUD versions of weapons. Duke is running very slow in this version, so four electric bikes on the map serve a lot. When motorcycling, beware of falling into trenches.

SkyTown TC (WIP snapshot) (3.57 Mb)

Reason of discontinuation

Originally this TC was designed for EDuke 2.1.1. Later I'd moved the TC to EDuke32 since EDuke ceased developing and remained too buggy. The map itself was being created in LEBuild betas. Sometime around 2006 I found I should refuse this TC, since most of its stuff could be done in a far more consistent manner. I was investigating things like palette modding and event handling. Some concept elements may be implemented in the future Qwnz0r Qwn3d TC.