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Lezing's DN3D Resource»In development»The Last Pissed Time (Chapter II)

This is a resumption of Duke's adventure started in my previous map. As well as the first chapter, it will have a high-detailed scenery and puzzle-oriented gameplay. My goal is making a veracious environment using original Duke textures and sounds. The map will start inside a location from the chapter I, but there will be a couple of rooms which were closed before. I think, this is a benefit of thorough planning of the series (I've left some closed doors in the first chapter to be open in succeeding ones).

Development status

The progress is slow, but I hope that this map will be done faster than my previous one which took me about two and a half years (I was occupied with accomplishing LEBuild at that time). Unlike the first LPT chapter, a solid part of this map will be laid outdoors. I'll post a couple of screenshots later.