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I had started "All Features" in early 2004, just after releasing the BEGINNING. I wanted to employ everything Duke is capable of.


This level was planned to host all types of Sector Effectors, all possible effects. Its concept somewhat resembles _SE.MAP and _ST.MAP packed with the Build editor, but flavored with an intriguing gameplay, as well as tricky design. If I would have completed this map, this would be an original and atmospheric fusion of a demo map and a single-play level.

Reason of discontinuation

I used conventional Build editor at that time. It would be too difficult to make such an intricate map; withal I wasn't very experienced and most mapping tricks I master nowadays weren't mentioned in any references. So I chose to spend some years making my own level editor and gaining mapping skills, and then I got an idea for a map realized in the Last Pissed Time.