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Both new and old crappy maps I created. They aren't outstanding at all, but still interesting to take a look because such maps may contain things never seen in conventional releases.


This is one of my oldest maps; I'd made it just after the BEGINNING. It's designed in a very simple manner and consists of uniformly textured rooms formed into letters from A to Z and connected with some ugly corridors. Each room contains items and enemies whose internal names (listed in DEFS.CON) begin with a specific letter; empty rooms are darkened. Apparently, the Nukebutton is located in the N letter. You'll have to download and run the CROSSROADS Series prior to play this map (it uses some artwork from that mod, only one tile though). So, try LE_Letters if you're so bored. =)

Dumb Map

An example of intentionally repetitive gameplay, the Dumb Map deals with one's patience, pretending to be the most repeating map ever.


A typical "X xor Y" texture (gamma-corrected).

This map is a 32x32 grid made of 1024 cells. Each cell contains a constant set of items: a chaingun, a devastator, a small medkit and an assault trooper. All cells are displaced vertically in a XOR pattern, forming a bunch of corners, so finding and killing all troopers isn't an easy task (it takes me about eight minutes). The Nukebutton is located inside the starting area. Check out the XOR Map and have fun. Watch my playthrough on YouTube as well (sorry for audio desync).