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This is my old attempt to improve game visuals before High Resolution Pack has appeared.

In 2003, when I just began modding Duke, I had drawn up a plan to replace most of its original sounds and textures with my own ones (often based on various texture compilations), as well as introduce little modifications into the gameplay. I called it the "Lezing's Edition" of Duke Nukem 3D.

My version of the loading screen.


Some tiles were replaced with analogic ones with doubled resolution. The weapons were planned to be redrawn completely; I remember a crappy pistol model created in 3ds Max and rendered into several tiles. Also, custom sounds were introduced (mainly borrowed from other games), as well as minor modifications to CON scripts like increasing weapon damage and ammo capacities.

Tile #70.
Tile #192.

Reason of discontinuation

Of course, higher resolution doesn't mean higher quality. Most of my choices were out of place and would considerably screw up the levels. Also, my attempt to enhance detail of arts by means of simple tile replacing has failed, because pixel size remained constant in maps resulting in scaling ploblems. Shrinking wall textrures down would cause ugly alias artifacts due to the lack of mip-mapping, and engine limitations don't allow scaling floor/ceiling textures freely. Later I gave up with this mod, since Duke was ported to Windows and thereafter HRP was released by the Duke community.